It's time again for CDA to put teams together for Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival!!
Every year CDA sends teams to LYDF, and every year we all have a great time!
This year CDA welcomes Liz Caron as the chef d'equip!

To be eligible to participate on a CDA team, you need to do the following things:

  • Be a CDA member in good standing
  • Have achieved a qualifying score of 55% at the level you wish to compete (you need this to enter the competition
  • Volunteer 8 hours, OR write a two-page article for the CDA newsletter, Centerline

As a member of a CDA team, each rider will receive a team saddle pad. After your volunteer hours or your article are completed, your entry fee will be reimbursed to you by CDA! (This is entry fee only, and does not include stabling.)

For the complete prize list, THE BOOKS FOR YOUR AGE DIVISION, and entry form go to


Eliza Windsor
Isabelle Santamauro
Helen Blakeslee
Lily Koorejian

Jordan Rothman
Paige Hendrik
Rachael Dumais
Emma Zorner

The Connecticut Dressage Association is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to its youth members.

The CDA board along with the youth program coordinator and youth representatives organize clinics throughout the year aimed at youth members. CDA also sponsors teams to attend Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival in August!


Youth Representative

Lily Koorejian


Youth Program Coordinator:

Liz Caron

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