CDA Adult and Youth Scholarship Program

Sponsored by the Vista Vintage Program

Supported by the Vista Vintage Program, CDA offers one or more scholarships per year for youth and/or adult members in amounts up to $350.00 for youth and $350.00 for adults. The scholarship money must be used within the membership year in which it is granted.

The Vista Vintage Fund, started by Ted Plaut in honor of his wonderful horse (Vista GeeWhiz), initially was designated to support older horses as they continue to work and compete at the age of 18 and older. With Ted’s support and others who donate to the Vista Vintage Fund, that program has been expanded to include the CDA Scholarship Program. We are so pleased with Ted’s (and others’) continued support of CDA.

General Guidelines 

1. An applicant must be a CDA member in good standing. (Board members are not eligible.)
2. Scholarships must be used within the designated year or term.
3. Scholarship monies can be disbursed as a reimbursement or as an advance for a specific program, depending on the committee’s decision.
4. The decision to award one or more or no scholarships in a given year is up to the awards committee.
5. Scholarship monies CANNOT BE USED BY YOUTH OR ADULT AMATEURS FOR TRAINING WITH YOUR USUAL INSTRUCTOR. The purpose of the scholarship is for educational or training possibilities that are not ordinarily available.
6. CDA scholarships cannot used for professional training of your horse, or to supplement show fees for a professional to ride your horse, or for other professional or extraneous expenses (i.e., trailering, gas, food, tack, etc.)
7. In return for receiving a scholarship, a recipient will be required to write an article for the CDA newsletter, The Centerline. This must be submitted within 2 months of having used the scholarship for the purpose given.
8. An individual cannot receive a scholarship in consecutive years.

To apply for a scholarship each applicant must write a letter to the CDA Board and include the following information:.
- Name, Address, Telephone and Email.
- Are you applying for a youth scholarship or an adult scholarship?
-  List in detail your service and/or connection to CDA (past, current and anticipated).
- Provide details on what you are applying for, and how the scholarship money is to be used.
- Explain how or why this scholarship can benefit you as an equestrian seeking further education/ training.
-  Briefly describe your riding experience and your goals for the future.

Please check the CDA website contact list for the contact person and the mailing address for your application.