Year End Awards

Year End Award Categories

Schooling Show Awards

Open to Youth, Adult Amateur and Open CDA members who compete between November 1, 2019, and October 31, 2020, in schooling shows whose prize lists appear in this 2019 CDA OMNIBUS, Newsletter, or on CDA Website, at least one of the scores must be from a CDA-sponsored sponsored show.

Recognized Show Awards

Awards are for dressage tests and Freestyle for Open, AA, and Youth
Winners receive ribbons for champion, reserve champion and third through sixth places. Champions and Reserve Champions will also receive customized commemorative gifts.

Vista Vintage

The Vista Vintage Award singles out the best performances by our special senior horses. These are the equine partners who demonstrate that age is no barrier to competing and earning scores to make any rider proud.

The Vista Vintage Award program focuses on the success of ‘senior horses. It consists of a $300 cash prize and an elegant special award.

Philla and Charlie Osborne Volunteer Award

Each year, CDA has the option to give a Volunteer of the Year Award for special service to CDA.

History: The award is named in honor of Philla and Charlie Osborne who donated hours and hours of service to CDA in the 80’s and 90’s. They were always found at the practice ring at shows (recognized and schooling) checking numbers and entries and letting riders know when they were “on deck”. Philla and Charlie also rode for many years with Vicki Hammers-O’Neil and today, Philla owns a horse that is being trained and competed by Vicki.