CDA Volunteer of the Year Award Program In Honor of Philla and Charlie Osborne

Each year, CDA has the option to give a Volunteer of the Year Award for special service to CDA. The award is a certificate of appreciation from CDA and a gift certificate to the tack shop of the volunteer’s choice.


The award is named in honor of Philla and Charlie Osborne who donated hours and hours of service to CDA in the 80’s and 90’s. They were always found at the practice ring at shows (recognized and schooling) checking numbers and entries and letting riders know when they were “on deck”. Philla and Charlie Osborne rode for many years with Vicki Hammers-O’Neil. Charlie passed away a number of years ago, and Philla passed away in January, 2023. It was a joy for Philla to watch Vicki ride and train the horses that she loved so much.


• The volunteer must be a current member of CDA.
• You are a current member of CDA if your 2023 membership dues are paid in full prior to your “service”.
• A show or event coordinator or another current CDA member may submit a volunteer’s name for the service he or she provided during any show, clinic or event or for volunteering on multiple occasions.
The nominator shall submit a volunteer’s name on-line with a letter which describes the volunteer’s activity, the shows or events in which the volunteer served, and any other information the nominator thinks is important. Nominations must be submitted by October 31, 2023.