Recognized Show Competitions Awards Criteria for 2023

Awards are for dressage tests and Freestyle for Open, Adult Amateur
and Youth.

- Riders must be current CDA members before entering the show or may join the same day of a show but before riding in their first class. Scores earned prior to becoming a current CDA member will not be considered. Scores must be earned while a member is in good standing. All ties will be decided by the highest individual score submitted.
- Riders must submit their scores at the end of the competition season. The deadline for submission will be December 1, 2023.
- All submissions will be made electronically via CDA’s website at www. The appropriate submission forms will be available online November 1, 2023 through December 1, 2023.
- All scores submitted are subject to auditing for accuracy.
- Open to all current CDA members who compete in USEF recognized shows between November 1, 2022 and October 31, 2023.
- CDA membership requirements apply to riders. Must be current members prior to earning scores for submission.
- Awards will go only to the same horse/rider combination.
- All scores submitted must be a minimum of 55% for Training through FEI.
- Training through FEI level. Scores must be from at last two different judges per level. Note FEI and Regional Championship tests with more than one judge the scores will be averaged.
- Awards for Training through FEI will be based upon the average score of the best three tests.
- Awards for FEI Freestyle and USDF Freestyle Training – 4th will be based on the average of the best three tests.
- Awards will be given in Youth, Adult Amateur and Open divisions. Please be sure to specify your division on the submission form.
- Levels and divisions may be combined at CDA’s discretion.