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Open to Youth, Adult Amateur and Open CDA members who compete between November 1, 2018, and November, 7 2019, in:
1) CDA-sponsored schooling shows.
2) Schooling shows whose prize lists appear in this 2019 CDA OMNIBUS.
3) Schooling show prize-lists that are published in the CDA Newsletter “Centerline” or on CDA’s website.

Awards are for dressage tests and Freestyle for Open, AA, and Youth

  • Riders must be current CDA members before entering the show or may join the same day of a show but before riding in their first class. Scores earned prior to becoming a current CDA member will not be considered. Scores must be earned while a member is in good standing. All ties will be decided by the highest individual score submitted
  • The official CDA score submission form must be used to document show names, dates, level/test within the level, judges, scores, etc. Click here to fill out the form.
  • We do not require the show secretary to sign the form. We will require the rider to attest via his or her signature (or a parent’s signature if the rider is a Youth) that the scores submitted are genuine. Electronic submissions include a statement of truth filing.
  • All scores submitted are subject to auditing for accuracy.
  • All scores submitted must be a minimum of 55%.
  • At least one score must be from a CDA sponsored schooling show. The other scores may come from schooling shows whose prize lists appear in this 2018 CDA Omnibus or in the CDA Centerline or on CDA’s website.
  • The judge must be (L) judge or higher.
  • If the schooling show is in a ride-review-ride format, the rider will submit the score earned prior to the judge’s review. For example, You earn 55% on your first ride in a class and the judge suggests improvements. You then re-ride the test and earn 62%, you must submit the 55% score for awards consideration.
  • Three scores from at least two different shows must be earned. Scores from at least two different judges per level.
  • Awards will be given in Youth, Adult Amateur, and Open divisions. Please be sure to specify your division on the submission form.
  • Awards for each level will be based upon the average of the three scores submitted.
  • Awards will be awarded only to the same horse/rider combination.